10 Inspiring Paintings by Sports & Movement Artist David Roman

david roman sports artist next to big original anthony joshua painting


It's funny how life works...

The unsporty kid grows up to be one of UK's top sports artists.

How did that happen?

At 20, David started training in the gym for the first time. For most people that isn't a big deal but this actually set him on a new career path.

“Lifting weights kickstarted a new relationship with my body. I realised that pushing my limits physically felt like tapping into new levels of energy. 

Many times during training I also get a lot of vivid inspiration for my art!

So I started expressing those feelings into my new paintings. It got me wondering...if this is how I feel as a beginner, imagine how people who are excellent at this must feel - the best athletes, dancers, movers, etc.”

This question turned into a series of 12 paintings.

12 paintings turned into a year-long project:


350 paintings in 350 days, exploring all kinds of movement from yogi to pro athletes and anything in between.

After a couple more projects it became clear that painting athletes who are at the top of their game was his biggest passion.

David’s hard work in the studio paid off, leading to a Solo Exhibition in Birmingham UK, being featured in multiple shows in San Francisco and London, and increasing demand for his work.

Here are 10 of his most loved paintings:


1. Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua painting by emerging UK Sports Artist David Roman
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2. Jessica Ennis-Hill

Painting of jessica ennis-hill by sports artist David Roman
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3. Simone Biles

Simone Biles gymnast painting by Sports Artist David Roman
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4. Dina Asher-Smith

Dina Asher-Smith sprinter athlete painting by sports artist david roman
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5. Harry Kane

harry kane football england captain painting by sports artist david roman

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6. Matthew Vincent

matt vincent painting by sports artist david roman


7. Faisal Mr PMA

faisal mr pma running painting by sports artist david roman


8. Nile Wilson

nile wilson gymnast painting by sports artist david roman


9. Joe Fraser

joe fraser world champion gymnast painting by sports artist david roman



10. Danica Patrick

danica patrick racing woman painting by UK sport artist david roman



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