Painting of Amanda Nunes (from Nunes VS Holm UFC 239 fight)

Amanda Nunes vs Holly Holm UFC 239 knockout painting by sports artist david roman art

Amanda Nunes first grabbed my attention when she fought and KO’d Ronda Rousey, back in 2016. As I learned more about her and watched her continue to fight,she became one of my favourite fighters.

When the Nunes VS Holly Holm fight happened, and I watched that neck kick finish Holm off, I immediately knew I had to capture that epic moment in a painting.

My favourite thing about Amanda is her confidence and the energy she steps in the ring with. 

With this painting, I wanted to capture some of that energy, her explosive movement and that winning feeling. 

The big paint gesture you see in the beginning of the video set the direction. Then, for the rest of the painting process, I did my best to preserve that, and work the figure in, with a maximum feeling of movement.



sports artist david roman in studio painting ufc fighter champion amanda nunes

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