Hi, I'm David and I love painting athletes & movers who push the limits of what is physically possible!

      One of the most beautiful things for me is seeing the human body in flow, fueled by unstoppable drive, moving at its best and feeling fully present in the moment...

      I love seeing this across many different sports but also in every-day life with people who want to be at the top of their game when it comes to their body.

      My paintings show most of the body as a stream of energy because I believe it's the energy inside someone, their vision, passion, drive and effort that define them. That's what shapes their body and their character.

      For the past 6 years, I’ve dedicated my work to studying the human body in motion. My work revolves around moments of feeling alive, fully embodied and happy to just MOVE!

      I create 2-3 fine art collections per year, as well as collaborations with brands and sports organizations who want to bring my expression of movement into their projects.

      I work with pro athletes, leading movers and brands that have MOVEMENT in their DNA.




      In 2016 I started the Just Move Project and to date I have painted over 500 paintings of the most incredible movers on Earth. A selection of my work was exhibited in my first solo show also called Just Move, in March 2017. I’ve also been part of more shows in London, San Francisco and Birmingham.

      I’m very grateful for all the collectors who connected with my art and brought it into their homes.