One of UK's leading Sports Artists, on a mission to celebrate the top athletes through Art.


Sports create some of the biggest cultural moments and brings people together from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures.

When athletes like Eliud Kipchoge, Simone Biles or Tiger Woods do the impossible, it's more than just entertainment.

It's a rare display of what human drive and excellence looks like.

I'm fascinated me by these moments when athletes move at their absolute best!

My mission is to capture the movement, energy and magic of these sports moments into artworks that celebrate the athletes.

I strongly believe these achievements deserve more than a TV highlight reel or 2 seconds of attention on a social media feed. 

They deserve a physical 'monument'. Something that takes up space and stirs up emotions. And that's exactly what art is for.


I create 2-3 art collections per year, as well as collaborations with brands and sports organizations who want to celebrate their athletes with an unforgettable artwork.




In 2016 I started the Just Move Project and to date I have painted over 500 paintings of the most incredible movers on Earth. A selection of my work was exhibited in my first solo show also called Just Move, in March 2017. I’ve also been part of multiple shows in London, San Francisco and Birmingham.

I work in my studio located in central Birmingham.

I’m very grateful for all the collectors who connected with my art and brought it into their homes.