Video Highlights:

0:03 Discovering Heidi

0:32 Creating the sunset painting

1:22 The cancer relapse

1:41 Creating the Eclipse painting of Heidi

2:07 Getting that message

2:22 The greatest honour


Video Transcript:

I was researching adaptive athletes for my JUST MOVE Project when I came across this lady Heidi Zoltak, who was a yogi. As I was looking through her posts, I instantly connected to her energy, she was so funny and blunt and loving life. I picked one of my favourite photos from her Insta and started sketching it out.

In my mind all I could see is this image of a golden sunset, so I used those colours for the painting.

I kept following her updates, and not long after, she got diagnosed with cancer. She went through all the treatments and they got it under control.

Just as she was getting back to normal, her cancer relapsed, along with a second type of cancer. Her Insta updates inspired me so much because her spirit was untouchable and she was fighting with everything she had.

I made this second painting of her, with an eclipse in the background, symbolising my hope that this darkness was just temporary..

After trying everything and it only getting worse, she knew she only had a few months left, so in Nov she messaged me asking to purchase 2 large prints of those paintings. She said she wanted to leave them behind to her family after she had passed.

That message really struck me… I couldn’t believe that my art meant so much to someone, that as they they preparing to move on, they considered it as something to be remembered by.

To this date, that is the greatest honour my art has ever received.

Heidi passed away this January 2018, smiling.