The Beginning

In Jan 2016 I started something that would turn out being much bigger than I expected… I decided to start a project where I would create 350 paintings over the next 350 days and post one every day on social media.

As I was getting deeper into the project, I had so many people ask me why I’m doing this?

The Reasons

There were a number of reasons: I wanted to get better at painting, I wanted to push my artistic limits, I wanted to paint all these amazing people that I was inspired by.

But there’s another part that led to this big project…

About 3 years before that I started getting into the gym and following lots of fitness people. Over time, while I was making progress, I was also constantly comparing myself to these people and feeling bad about my body, even though there was nothing wrong with it! My body image got worse and worse and it led to some eating disorders.

I just felt this subconscious pressure from all these fitness posts and magazines and models to have a six-pack, or work towards one. Every story would culminate with the person having a six-pack.. and at some point I just had enough of it!

Then I started looking at different types of people...people with extraordinary physical abilities: ice skaters, strongmen, dancers, parkour kids, etc.

That led me to do a calendar for 2016 with each month featuring a different type of athlete. I loved doing those 12 paintings & felt like there was so much more I wanted to fit into those 12 paintings.

So a few months after that I had the idea...what if I set aside a big chunk of time to explore all these other athletes and movers that I was fascinated by.

The Perspective Change

I wanted this to also be a way for me to switch my perspective on health and fitness from the looks obsessed angle, to seeing my body as a machine that enables me to do all sorts of things.

So on the 7th of Jan I announced the start of this new project called JUST MOVE. I got straight to work & never looked back.

At first I was doing random subjects every day, but after a month or so I realised that having a weekly theme instead would be a lot more productive.

That worked like magic, and I ended up exploring themes I never thought would make it in the shaolin monks, or adaptive athletes..or even sensual movement.

A year later, in Jan 2017 I completed all 350 was a massive achievement for me personally. I met so many incredible people in the process and my paintings were seen by people from all parts of the world.

In March I had my first solo art exhibition, also called JUST MOVE, where 40 of my fav paintings were displayed. Everyone pretty much asked me the same question...what next?

I didn’t know then, I just kept painting and looking for ways to grow as an artist..

Couple months later I decided the JUST MOVE Project is something very special to me, that I want to carry on with for as long as I can. So there’s a part 2 coming up, and..maybe more ;)

The Purpose

I want these paintings to inspire people to explore more of their bodies potential...doesn’t have to be in a gym, and it doesn’t have to end up with you looking like a fitness model.

If you want to hear more stories of amazing people, keep watching my art, make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook for the daily posts and my YouTube channel for videos of the paintings.