david roman art movement painting just move jean stewart blue tracksuit grandma

Jean Stewart was 83 when she decided to join a CrossFit gym and get strong. After retiring as a Physical Education teacher, she felt her body was limiting her more and more from doing things she enjoyed.

Gardening was one of them.

So when she joined the gym, her goal was to be able to get down and back up with ease and also be strong enough to carry the bags of soil.

She clearly didn’t stop at that... and is now up to some damage in the gym!


david roman art movement just move painting watercolour watercolor ernestine shepherd old bodybuilder woman

This painting was inspired by Ernestine Shepherd, she’s 82 and the oldest competitive female bodybuilder! She was just going about her regular life, and then at 56 she decided she’s capable of more and started her bodybuilding journey.


david roman art movement just move old athletes Stanislav Kowalski watercolor watercolour painting

Stanislav Kowalski, at 104 was still competing in 100m sprint runs!

david roman art movement just move old athletes gymnast Oksana Chusovitina watercolor watercolour painting contemporary

If you watched the gymnasts at the 2016 Rio Olympics, you probably saw Oksana Chusovitina competing. At 42 she is the oldest gymnast to take part in the Olympic Games. I’ve seen people in the press say how gymnasts over 25 are reaching the end of their competitive career… Well Oksana is proving otherwise!

david roman art movement just move old athletes Saoul Mamby watercolor watercolour painting contemporary

Another athlete who disregarded the age assumptions is Saoul Mamby, a boxer who competed until he was 60! When asked why he’s still doing it, he said he had no major injuries, so he couldn’t see why not…

david roman art movement just move old athletes gary player golf golfer hall of fame watercolor watercolour contemporary painting

Lastly, we have Gary Player, a golfer who retired at 81. He is one of the greatest golfers in history!


If all these paintings didn't express it clear enough, let me put it in plain words: